What Past Participants Said

Past Participant Comments 2023

Will participation in this program result in improving your clinical practice? Why?

“This program has highlighted areas to focus on when dealing with OB/GYN issues on US. Gained better understanding of adenomyosis.”

“Look more in depth at certain areas in the fetus after finding an abnormality”

“Improvements in scanning technique and knowledge”

“I learned so much at this conference, I am taking away with me a lot of info, mostly the fetal brain and heart. I learned new skills and landmarks to help in my fetal assessment.”

“Improve diagnosis of normal and abnormal gynecologic and perinatal ultrasounds. Apply systematic approaches to both types of scans.”

“Great up to date topics and wonderful speakers.”

How will participation in this program result in improving patient outcomes?

“Better recognition of intracranial pathology”

“Identifying anomalies for proper diagnosis”

“Early detection of PAS concerns”

“Education always provides for better imaging and patient care”

“Patients with PUL will have better follow-up due to provider knowledge gained from this program.”

“We can pick up more anomalies and better manage the pregnancy outcomes”

“Improvement in recognizing pearls and pitfalls in scanning and ability to recognize abnormalities.”

“I will be able to better detect pathology in both GYN and OB.”

“The speakers and amount of knowledge I am able to add to my “toolbox”.”

“Wonderful program”

How will you address barriers to implement changes in knowledge and behavior?

“The speeches and presentations will help me become a better sonographer”

“It was a good refresher conference”

“Use tips given by speakers”